Owner: Polly Brennan
Name of Business: Adventurous Coaching

Who you are and what your company does?

I’m Polly Brennan, founder of Adventurous Coaching. I am also the creator of The Mental Fitness Kitbag™ system encompassing proven strategies to strengthen your mental health and wellbeing.

With over 25 years of experience working in the field of mental health within the NHS and being a Specialist Occupational Therapist (BSC Hons), I know what it takes to get you Mind Fit!

How the BIPC services and Experts in Residence helped to support/ had a positive impact on your business

I have had the privilege to work alongside BIPC North East’s Visual Marketing Expert Ann English, owner of Create Intrigue. Ann helped me create a vision tree and develop a signature coaching system. Leading on from this piece of work, I have been able to use the funding from BIPC to create an online coaching programme, enabling me to reach out to more potential clients and help more people.

In your own words, why do you think other local business should use the BIPC Local and Experts in Residence services

From my own experience, having the support I have had, has enabled me to become more visible. It has also helped me to grow confidence in myself as a business owner and communicate what I do. From using the Experts in Residence services, I have seen an increase in customer along with more referrals. BIPC North East is a benefit to anyone in business.

BIPC is right here on your doorstep. The services are local, accessible, friendly and it is free! Whatever a business is at on their company journey, you will have access to Experts in Residence who will be able to understand your challenges, pain points you may face and will help you uncover solutions bespoke to you.

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