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Do you want to turn your idea into a business? Do you want to grow your customer base? Protect your intellectual property? Make new business contacts and plan for the future? Then you need access to high quality business research and here at the Business and Intellectual Property Centre North East (BIPC) we have all the resources you need, free to use, and right at your fingertips.

At BIPC North East, we subscribe to a broad range of detailed databases designed to help you make the most of your business idea. From company data and funding opportunities to marketing insights and business profiles; our databases provide access to all sorts of useful information for businesses. So, whether you’re just starting up or already established and looking to expand, our dedicated team of information professionals are ready to guide you through the whole research process for every aspect of your business.

Access to business information databases for research & development

You can book a PC only market research session in advance at our Regional Centre in Newcastle to use the databases via the booking link below. Walk in appointments are available however booking is advisable. Market research sessions last for up to 2 hours and can be booked up to a month in advance.

Book a PC only market research session at BIPC Newcastle (regional centre)


If you wish to access a business information database at your BIPC Local library, or the Regional Centre in Newcastle, please complete the booking form below and we will contact you to arrange a market research appointment with one of our team.

Book an assisted market research session at a BIPC

Online Business Information Resources

You can access our databases from a number of different Library locations across the North East. As well as a dedicated BIPC suite situated in City Library Newcastle we also provide business database access in Berwick Library, Morpeth Library, North Shields Library, The Word at South Shields, Elephant Tea Rooms Sunderland, Hexham Library and Blaydon Library. The handy table below will give you a brief overview of the uses of each database and where you can access them:

Business Advice, Support and Funding


Complete Business Reference Advisor (COBRA)

Use COBRA to explore:

  • Business Factsheets
  • Sector Reports
  • Legal Guides

COBRA is an encyclopaedia of practical information for starting, running and managing a small
business. It also contains hundreds of Business Opportunity Profiles. These will give you detailed,
practical advice on specific types of businesses. COBRA contains all the information you need to turn your idea into a business!

Remote access for Newcastle Libraries members (if you are not yet a member, join online for free.)

COBRA is available at the following Libraries: City Library Newcastle, Berwick, Morpeth, Hexham, North Shields, The Word at South Shields, Elephant Tea Rooms Sunderland, and Blaydon.



Use GRANTfinder to explore:

  • Sources of Funding
  • Funding Information
  • Funding Hints and Tips

GRANTfinder is a searchable database that allows you to find UK funding opportunities. It also holds detailed information on policies relating to each funding opportunity. This will
help you find the most appropriate type of funding for your business!

Grantfinder is available at the following Libraries: City Library Newcastle, Berwick, Morpeth, Hexham, North Shields, The Word at South Shields, Elephant Tea Rooms Sunderland, and Blaydon.

North East Growth Hub

Use North East Growth Hub to explore:

  • Local Business support
  • Local Market Insights
  • Business Toolkits
  • Local Business Events

North East Growth Hub provides information on business support and funding for existing businesses and start-ups in the region. Their Website also contains details about local events, Business toolkits and marketing insights all of which will help your business plan, adapt and grow!

To access Northeast Growth Hub visit:


Market Research


Use IBISWorld to explore:

  • Industry Outlook
  • Strategy
  • Key Statistics

IBISWorld is a comprehensive Industry and market research database, compiling detailed country specific reports designed to help businesses make better decisions. IBISWorld’s reports give a thorough overview of entire industries, containing everything from Industry outlook to key statistics.

IBISWorld is available at the following Libraries: City Library Newcastle, Berwick, Morpeth, North Shields, The Word at South Shields, and Elephant Tea Rooms Sunderland.


Use Mintel to explore:

  • Market Insights
  • Trend Drivers
  • High Quality Analysis

Mintel is an internationally recognised specialist in market intelligence. The database is a rich and deep source of market research, publishing hundreds of detailed reports each year including insights, trend drivers and analysis. Each report gives a detailed overview of market developments and is a vital tool for understanding consumer behaviour.

Mintel is available at City Library Newcastle.

Company Data


Companies House

Use Companies House to:

  • Register your Company
  • Research your Competition
  • Research Collaborators

Companies House is a government register that stores information on all Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships registered to trade in the UK. On their website you can find up to date, official details for any company registered to trade in the UK. You can use the website to register your own company, research your competitors and even research companies with whom you may wish to collaborate.

To access Companies House visit: Companies House

D & B Hoovers

Use D & B Hoovers to:

  • Target Clients
  • Research Companies
  • Generate Leads

D&B Hoovers is a huge database compiling detailed Company profiles for more than 330 million companies worldwide. Using the database you can build a list of companies, find contacts, research specific industries, analyse markets and even explore triggers that will help optimise your selling opportunities. D & B Hoovers is a really useful database for anybody looking to generate leads and reach out to prospective clients.

D & B Hoovers is available at City Library Newcastle.


Use  Kompass to:

  • Contact Clients
  • Research Companies
  • Generate Leads

Spanning 33 million companies based in 70 different Countries, Kompass describes itself as the ultimate business directory. It is a great tool for generating leads and contacting new clients and its search function is highly customisable meaning you can focus in on exactly the clients you are looking to reach.

Remote access is available for Newcastle Library members. Please visit Newcastle Libraries to access Kompass remotely.

Kompass is available at the following Libraries: City Library Newcastle, Berwick, Morpeth, Hexham, North Shields, The Word at South Shields, The Elephant Tea Rooms at Sunderland, and Blaydon.

Local Data Company

Use  Local Data Company to explore:

  • Location Overviews
  • Demographic Data
  • Occupancy Trends

Local Data Online provides local information on towns, cities and high streets across the UK, with a special emphasis on retail and leisure. You can use Local Data online to see location overviews, demographic data, occupancy rates and much more. Local Data Online will give you a detailed picture of your local market.

Local Data Company is available at the following Libraries: City Library Newcastle, Berwick, Morpeth, North Shields, The Word at South Shields, and The Elephant Tea Rooms at Sunderland.

Law and Regulations


British Standards Institute

Use British Standards Institute online to access:

  • Knowledge
  • Best Practice
  • Innovations

British Standards online aims to help organisations put excellence at the heart of everything they do. From their website you can access knowledge, innovation and best practice. British Standards online offers 33,000 standards to help your business excel!

British Standards Institute Online is available at City Library, Newcastle.


Use  GOV.UK to access:

  • Information
  • Services
  • Guidance

Gov.UK is the official UK government website. It is a great starting point to access information and services vital to your business. Gov.UK contains information on everything from details about business tax to accessing business finance including legal regulations and necessary paperwork.

To access GOV.UK visit:

Intellectual Property



Use Espacenet to access:

  • Patent Publications
  • Patent Translations
  • Emerging Technologies

Free access to over 120 million Patent documents, containing information about inventions and technical developments. You can use Espacenet to search Patent publications, Translate patent documents, and track emerging technologies. An Espacenet patent search is an essential step for anyone looking to protect their inventions and innovations.

To access Espacenet visit:


Use  EUIPO to access:

  • Designs
  • Trademarks

The EUIPO is the European Unions Intellectual Property Office responsible for managing and registering Trademarks and Designs. The EUIPO also works closely with the intellectual property offices of the EU member states and is vital for anyone hoping to protect their designs and trademarks in the European Union.

To access The European Intellectual Property Office visit:

The European Patent Office

Use  The European Patent Office to explore:

  • Patent Applications
  • Patent Grants
  • Patent Rules and Regulations

The European Patent Office is a really vital resource for innovators. You can use it to access: information on how to apply for a patent, patent grants, rules and regulations. The European patent office carries a wealth of information to guide you through the whole European patent application process.

To access The European Patent Office visit:


Use  InnovAccess to explore:

  • IP Toolkits
  • IP Libraries
  • IP Best Practice

The InnovAccess Network brings together the national Intellectual Property Offices from countries across Europe. You can use it to access IP toolkits and an IP Library. InnovAccess shares best practice from around the world and is particularly useful for helping SMEs protect their Intellectual Property.

To access InnovAccess visit:

Intellectual Property Office

Use  the Intellectual Property Office to explore:

  • Patents
  • Designs
  • Trademarks
  • Copyright

The Intellectual Property Office is the National agency dedicated to helping you protect your Intellectual Property in the UK. You can use their website to find information on Patents, Designs, Trademarks and Copyright. The IPO website not only provides access to searchable databases but also gives you all the tools and information you need to apply for Intellectual Property protection.

To access The Intellectual Property Office visit:

World Intellectual Property Organization

Use  WIPO to explore:

  • Patents
  • Designs
  • Trademarks
  • Copyright

WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organization) is a United Nations Agency dedicated to providing information and international protection for: Patents, designs, copyright and trademarks. WIPO’s aim is to deliver a balanced and effective international Intellectual Property service.

To access the World Intellectual Property Office visit:

Other Sources of Business Information


Access to Research

Use Access to research to explore:

  • Academic Journals
  • Academic Articles
  • Academic Papers

Free access to over 30 million Academic Papers and Journal articles.  Access to Research is one of the best resources for peer reviewed, reliable information.

Access to Research is available at City Library, Newcastle.

Which? Magazine Online

Use Which? Magazine Online to explore:

  • Product Reviews
  • Consumer Advice

Online, searchable version of Which? Magazine. Each year Which? tests and investigates thousands of different products to provide impartial and independent advice and product reviews.

Which? Magazine Online is available at City Library Newcastle.

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