• Specialist in visual communication tools
  • Increasing sales through visual strategy techniques and marketing principals
  • Visual doodles to convey key business messages

Key Areas of Expertise
Visual marketing, product display, product placement, retail, physical display, online visual marketing techniques, marketing communication, visual doodles, illustration.

Ann English is a Visual Communications expert and solution focused business coach. As the founder of Create Intrigue and The Visual Marketing Academy, creator of the VisionMapping™ process, renowned for her VisualDoodle™ style and inventor of The Metrognomes. She brings over 30 years of experience successfully delivered projects from concept to completion. Ann equips business owners, consultants, coaches and thought leaders with a range of visual communication tools and techniques to transform ideas into reality. She can empower and enable you to:

  • Gain clarity, focus and grow your business by creating a bespoke VisionTree™ which captures your ideas, vision and strategy to act as a visual plan of action.
  • Be seen as an expert and clearly communicate how you take client’s from ‘pain to gain’ by developing a unique SignatureSystem™ to define your core solution focused process.
  • Attract attention of your target audiences and sell more by applying Visual Marketing™ principles and learning the secret silent sales strategies big brands use to increase sales.
  • Tell your story, showcase your superpower and explore ideas by commissioning a hand drawn VisualDoodle™ image, icons or animation to convey your brand vision and message.

Ann believes that EVERYTHING starts with an IDEA. It’s what we do with that idea, and how we create intrigue around it, that determines success.

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