• Business coaching and advice
  • Strategic and business resilience planning
  • Productivity improvements to bolster operational and financial performance

Key Areas of Expertise
Business coaching, support, growth, diagnostic, brokerage, diversification, business strategy, business advice, performance, operations.

“I will work with you to get the best out of you and your business.”

Years of running, owning and advising businesses has shown me that often, what people want is someone to talk to.  A sounding board, someone to bounce ideas off, and someone to mull things over with or, a simple discussion over the question: ‘Is this right for me and my business at this time?’ 

I can grasp what’s important to you quickly, help you spot opportunities and identify when, how and at what benefit/risk to take decisions forward.  I can help your business adapt to a changing environment and help you to create an economically robust positioning.

Service Offering.
Together we can:

  • Put together a plan of business resilience considering all operational and financial implications
  • Make it easier for your customers, existing and new, do business with you
  • Boost productivity within specific budgets
  • Explore global markets understanding time priorities
  • Broker programmes of interest that can add financial benefit


“Tracy has been a fantastic advisor to me and my high-growth high-tech start-up in the renewables sector, Kinewell Energy. She is incredibly approachable, knowledgeable and professional, while also being able to offer harsh honesty when it is needed. She has been great to bounce ideas around with, and debate the various potential perspectives of others, in order to develop successful strategies to drive the company forward.” Andrew Jenkins, Director, Kinewell Energy

“Tracy has offered me invaluable guidance throughout the early stages of launching my business in challenging market conditions. I’ve been really impressed with her enthusiasm and focus as well as her passion to introduce me to her extensive network and scale my business.” Brian Kerrigan, Independent Consultant, Crack Management, Director at Frontline Integrity

“Tracy is my first point of contact for business consultancy in the North East region as she brings a wealth of experience and provides invaluable advice to my clients. Tracy’s knowledge of funding, sourcing opportunities, expertise and provision of a full network of contacts at all levels has assisted my clients greatly at various stages of growth within their businesses. Tracy’s not afraid to ‘get her sleeves rolled up’ to get to the ‘nitty gritty’ of issues.” Gwen Jones, Director (Solicitor) at EMG Solicitors.

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