• Copyright and content specialist
  • Social listening and engagement to understand and communicate with your audience
  • Advice on getting your message out through digital and offline mediums

Key Areas of Expertise
Public relations, PR, marketing messaging, website copy, content writing, newsletters, advertising, social media strategy.

Jodie Balmer has over a decade of marketing, PR, and social media experience under her belt. Having worked for large integrated agencies such as Havas and CHE Proximity in the UK and Australia; she has been exposed to every inch of the marketing mix and has worked with blue chip companies as well as start-ups. From PR and social strategy to robust implementation, she can help you delve deep into what your target audiences are listening to, reading, watching, and engaging with on social media, to support your business goals while encompassing its ethos. A skilled copywriter, Jodie can also help support and refine your messaging, website copy, newsletters, adverts, and social media content.

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