• Harness the power of podcasting to communicate to a wider audience;
  • Build your online presence through podcast guest appearances; and
  • Plan, start and launch your own podcast.

Key Areas of Expertise
Public speaking and public speaking training. Podcast hosting, interviewing and media skills. Studio recording, content curation and production. Digital marketing and podcast promotion strategy.

Following 15 years of working in corporate communications, Ashleigh found her voice through podcasting and has a passion to help people to share their stories with the world.

Ashleigh started podcasting in 2019 through her podcast #NurtureYourZest to raise awareness of important social issues. As she began to grow her podcast she received questions on how to start and create a podcast and how to be a good podcast guest, and so began training on this topic. Ashleigh has appeared as a guest on other podcasts, and also acted as the Executive Producer of TEDxNewcastleUniversity, curating, coaching and producing a collection of talks under the theme ‘Imagine a World’.

Ashleigh has helped clients like Newcastle University Business School and others develop a series of episodes to help reach new audiences. She believes that podcasting is an essential component to today’s media mix, as it can attract your ideal audience, and can be listened to anywhere.

Ashleigh recently opened a podcast studio in the Ouseburn, a key part of Newcastle upon Tyne’s cultural quarter, and a quick walk from the City Centre. Flamingo Heights is fully equipped with a professional team to assist businesses, charities etc., to record in an optimal environment and can also provide editing and uploading services. The next step is podcast promotion and Ashleigh can talk you through the process as part of your organisation’s overall marketing plan.

Ashleigh’s expert advice & offering covers:

  • Helping clients to build their confidence to speak to a wider audience;
  • Guiding them through the entire podcasting roll out process;
  • Helping clients increase their online presence via podcasting;
  • Mastering the technical challenges to sound great; and
  • Utilising storytelling to influence people to try your product or service.
  • Position yourself as an authority in your particular industry;
  • Develop your skills to connect with audiences more effectively including mastering the technical side of creating great sound.

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