• Advice and support on improving production efficiency
  • Advice and support on addressing key business issues
  • Operational excellence advice and support

Key Areas of Expertise
Strategy deployment, change management, value stream mapping, 8 Step practical problem solving, effective production management, workplace organisation, standard work, SMED, TPM, quality approaches, planning and communication, demand and capacity analysis, visual management, performance measures, scheduling and capacity planning, flow, people teams and sustainability, inventory management, key lean CI principles and frameworks.

Are you a manufacturing organisation facing the challenges of today’s competitive market?  Do you need support to improve your operational efficiencies – regardless of your industry there is always room for improvement.  The Production System Experts can help.

Kim English and Colin Hastings are past business executives and seasoned Toyota trained Lean professionals who will bring expertise, coaching and implementation skills to address your key business issues, delivering tangible changes to operational performance. We understand operational realities and the need for practical solutions that drive business results.

BTA can provide solutions based on their wealth of knowledge from a wide range of sectors including food and beverage, automotive, engineering, pharmaceutical, warehousing and logistics, home furnishings, FMCG.

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