• Confidential discussion of your invention or innovation needs
  • Advice and guidance to minimise risk and manage costs of development
  • Advice and guidance on commercial opportunity and impact

Key Areas of Expertise
Invention, innovator, new product, new service, inventor, patent, copyright, trademark, commercialisation, research, prototype, research & development, R&D.

It has been claimed that 90% of new products and services that reach the market fail, and that includes those from wealthy, experienced businesses with established brands. Naturally a substantial proportion of ideas and inventions don’t even reach the market. The Innovator in Residence sessions are intended to help businesses and individuals join the minority, reach the decision to kill off an idea early or pivot with it.

Roger Tipple is an engineer and serial innovator who has created, developed and exploited his own inventions and helped other people do the same. He’s made plenty of mistakes along the way, and is happy to help other people avoid repeating them.

Tipple Associates is a private company which operates as a flexible, informal group, drawing together appropriate skills and facilities from across the UK to perform specific projects. Many of the people have worked together previously on a wide variety of projects, generally focused on commercial, not consumer, markets.

Book a one to one session with Roger to discuss your invention or innovation needs, including how the costs and risks can be reduced and the commercial impact improved (even if that’s by not taking it any further).

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