• Financial MOT for businesses
  • Help with affordable credit and debt management
  • Help to develop financial good practice in business 

Key Areas of Expertise
Finance, debt management, debt advice, affordable credit, credit management, financial well being, self employed, universal credit.

Whether it’s business or personal, and often it’s one affecting the other, asking a fresh pair of eyes to look over your finances can be a revealing exercise.  Consider it like a financial MOT looking at budgets/cashflows, finding affordable credit, debt management, interacting with Universal Credit,  researching other products and services, Clean Slate has 10 years’ experience in finding solutions and pointing you in the right direction for further help.

After years of working for leading Building Societies and then for IBM, Graham’s career saw him move into roles to help people starting with the Telephone Preference Service and then spells with Child Support Agency and HMRC Tax Credits. Eaga partnership progressed him to be a qualified debt advisor and manager of the benefit entitlement team, before moving on again to Financial Inclusion Manager at Homes For Northumberland. In 2011 he set up Clean Slate so that he could help more people get control of their finances.

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