• Advice and guidance for small businesses looking to grow, develop new processes, products or services
  • Advice in relation to market research, marketing and business planning
  • Access to funding programmes and specialist consultancy in international trade, IP, research & development

Key Areas of Expertise
New product, new service, new markets, IP, patent, copyright, trademark, commercialisation, research, prototype, research & development, R&D, internationalisation.

New business idea? Need help to get started? Whether you’re new to business or an established business with a new product or service to bring to market, RTC North can help.

RTC North provides business support to sole traders, small businesses, and multinationals. Their team of consultants can advise clients on everything from company formation, market research, development of a business strategy and international growth. They can support the development of new service and product ideas and anyone wishing to explore new markets.

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