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Local experts helping provide businesses advice and support

Business & IP Centre North East’s Experts in Residence offer businesses the opportunity for one to one appointments to discuss a wide range of business topics, ranging from finance and funding, marketing and communication, intellectual property and law and many more. Please click any of our experts below for more information and to book an appointment. You are able to have one meeting with each of our experts.

Those businesses operating within the Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland areas can also access additional support from our Experts as part of the Citylife Business Support Scheme.

For additional COVID-19 related business support, please see the COVID-19 Updates page for details.

Our Experts

Some of our experts will be able to advise on the North of the Tyne project.

Business Support

Melissa Middleton, Business Adviser

Gillian Middleton, Business Adviser

Kirsty McDine-Daniels, Business Adviser

Wayne Bryant, Business Innovation Consultant

Kevin Marquis, Social Enterprise Adviser

Innovation & Growth

Roger Tipple, Innovator in Residence

Sara Andrews or Mario Minchella, Innovation Tax Relief Experts

Wayne Bryant, Business Innovation Consultant

Intellectual Property & Law

David Corbyn, Patent Attorney in Residence

Lucy Johnson, IP Protection & Strategy Expert

Matt Cormack, IP and Corporate Solicitor

Aude Charillon or Matt Ginnelly, Intellectual Property Advice


Mark Stephenson, Commercial Property Expert

Marketing, Digital & Communication

Andy Ditchburn, Marketing & Branding Adviser

Chloe Hall, Marketing Agency

Ann English, Visual Marketing & Business Coach

Jodie Balmer, PR and Social Media

Peter Martin, Software & Website Expert in Residence

Sally Ann Norman, Photography

Cameron Bruce and Ellen Rea, Content Creation & Building An Online Presence

Jeni Smith, Networking Expert in Residence

Finance & Funding

Julie Skevington, Business Finance Expert

Gavin Spencer, Cloud Accountant Expert

New Opportunities & Business Resilience

Garry Stone, Winning Contracts and Tenders

Scott Rowland, Performance & Turnaround Adviser

Lyndsey Potts, Business Resilence & Continuity Planning

Joanna Tabaku, Productivity Expert


Tracy Clarkson, Survive and Thrive Expert


Graham Brewis, Financial Wellbeing Support for the Self-Employed Expert


Business Expertise

Deb Tweedy, HR Expert

Richard Talbot-Jones, Insurance for Business

Laura Bowler, Workplace Pensions in Residence

Bruce Patterson or Paula Brooks, Fire Safety Expert in Residence

Jon Hudson, Cyber Security


Jill Taylor, Food Safety Expert


Vincent Theobald-Vega, Health & Safety Expert


Rochelle Gonsalves, Training, Recruitment and Skills Facilitator

Start up

If you are looking to start a business, our specialist advisers can help you develop your business idea, and take the next steps on your business start up journey.

Melissa Middleton, Start Up Adviser

Gillian Middleton, Start Up Adviser

Kirsty McDine-Daniels, Start Up Adviser

Kevin Marquis, Start-Up Social Enterprise Expert

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