Join BIPC Podcasting Expert in Residence, and series host Ashleigh King, in a conversation about Green Growth and Sustainability.

Episode guests include:

💡James Staniforth, BIPC Expert in Residence (Sustainability) and Founder & Director of Sustainable Business Services
💡Ian Brown, BIPC Expert in Residence (Sustainability) and Owner/Director of Chestnut Natural Capital Ltd
💡Paul Pringle, Managing Director at Solarglide Ltd

Paul and James worked together to identify opportunities in his business Solarglide to be more environmentally focussed.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

💡Some of the challenges and opportunities for businesses to be more sustainable
💡How businesses can make small changes and avoid ‘virtue signalling’
💡Green growth and climate change – how to understand some of the technical jargon which is used
💡How observing the way that waste was being disposed of in the cruise ship industry led to new business opportunities for Paul Pringle, Managing Director at Solarglide Ltd
💡How businesses can access free advice via the Business and IP Centre (BIPC) North East
For more details:

Talk to our BIPC North East Green Growth Experts and explore why it is important that local businesses should consider green & sustainable practices in their growth strategy:

This podcast has been made possible with the kind sponsorship of the British Library and Newcastle City Council.
🦩Recorded at Flamingo Heights Podcast Studio
💡Executive Producers: Ashleigh King & Sarah Turnbull
🎥Technical Production: Joel Lowson & Krzysztof Furgala
Hashtags: #BIPCPodcast #LetsTalkAbout #BIPCNorthEast #GreenGrowth #Sustainability

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